Herbs- Chart of common uses

Herbs have been used throughout history. Some remedies are recorded on ancient Egyptian walls and papyrus scrolls. They were used to treat just about every ailment imaginable, sickness, disease and sexual problems. The practice of curing the sick fell to women and physicians who were educated in their applications. This practice fell into disrepute for centuries because of religious ignorance and superstition that branded treatment with herbs as evil. Modern medicine got a late start because of this unfortunate event. Today the most advanced scientists search the deepest jungles in the remote parts of the world seeking shamans who may lead them to new herbs from which they can develop cures for disease.
Herb Used for:
Alfalfa Detoxifies the liver, anti-fungal, colon health.
Bee pollen Used to combat allergies, fatigue and depression.
Black cohosh Promotes well being during menopause.
Bladderwrack Used for weight control, increases thyroid activity, water absorption. This herb is a type of Kelp.
Burdock root For immune system, skin disorders, aids the liver.
Castleberry Promotes balance in woman's monthly cycle.
Dandelion A diuretic, reduces cholesterol.
Echinacea Promotes healthy immune function and general well being.
Evening primrose oil Aids in weight loss & reduces high blood pressure.
Garlic Reduces blood cholesterol, anti-infection agent, detoxifies the body.
Ginkgo biloba Promotes healthy brain & cognitive abilities.
Ginseng Positive effect on fatigue, stress and promotes male sex gland health.
Goldenseal Strengthens the immune system. Has anti-bacterial and anti-biotic properties.
Gotu cola Acts as a diuretic, elimination of body fluid, aids liver and heart, reduces tissue inflammation.
Grape seed Protects from free-radicals & premature aging.
Hawthorn Promotes healthy blood vessels, liver and heart function.
Horse chestnut Used to enhance circulation in the legs and to promote vascular well being.
Juniper berries  Reduces inflammation of sinusitis.  A diuretic. Helps the kidneys, bladder.
Kava kava Calming & soothing, it promotes feeling of well being.
Kelp Promotes healthy thyroid function, arteries, brain tissue for energy production.
Milk thistle Promotes healthy liver function & helps protect against pollutants.
Nettle root Promotes healthy prostrate and urinary function.
Red wine extract Promotes healthy cardiovascular system.
Saw palmetto Promotes healthy prostrate function.
St. John's wort Helps enhance & elevate mood, provides sense of well being, anti-depression effects.
Valerian root Provides a mild tranquil effect, reduces nervousness.


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