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Aromatherapy - Essential Oils

The first written list of herbs was compiled around 3,000 years ago by the Chinese. Since then herbs and formulas for their use have appeared in Ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman writings. This somewhat forgotten branch of the healing arts has seen a revival with the rise in the popularity of alternative medicine. For some years, western medicine shunned herbal remedies in favor of synthesized drugs. Now, some of the more realistic thinkers in the medical field accept it as a parallel approach to health care, not replacing traditional medicine, but rather operating in conjunction with it.

What is an essential oil?

This is the oil removed from a plantís, leaves, flowers or stems through various processing methods. When first extracted these essences are in their most concentrated and volatile state. Some of the essences are actually toxic at such a high concentration and they must always be used in a diluted form. Since these essential oils are volatile, they evaporate quite easily and have to be kept in sealed containers. Even when blending, a closed container must also be used.

Base oils.

Base oils are used to dilute the essential oils. A few are Almond, Corn, Hazelnut, Safflower, Soya and Sunflower.

How they are used.

Salve. Mixed in a cream they are applied directly to the skin for beauty care or treatment of sores or irritations.

Oil. Absorbed through the skin, this form is used by massage therapists.

Diffuser. Used to distribute their aromas directly into a room for setting a mood or for clearing the sinuses, breathing passages, for colds or the flu.

Tincture. Mixed with alcohol are used for external application, used for applying to insect bites and beauty applications.

Baths. Several drops of oil essence is placed in bath water.


Essential oils are not taken internally, they are used for external application.

Always try a small skin test with a diluted sample prior to using.

This basic introduction is not meant to take the place of good instruction that can be obtained from proper training and practice. Check out our links for schools and organizations that offer such.