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Amethyst - Healing & Psychic Uses


Amethyst - Healing & Psychic Uses

 Amethyst has been in use for thousands of years in magic, healing and psychic empowerment. Its violet color makes this one of the most sought after variety of quartz. It has a large number of qualities and uses that have been given it over the years and it is said to be a stone that radiates energy which has often been referred to as the purple ray. 
     It is referred to as a Spiritual Stone because its color violet is same as that of  the crown chakra. Meditation with it helps one in reaching the spiritual aspect of the universe. 


Polished Point: This can be used as one's symbol of psychic healing energy. A focus point for the healing energies to converge giving the possessor expanded healing capability.

    Some other qualities given it are: 

  • Calms emotions and reduces stress. 

  • Helps the holder of the stone to have a more optimistic and uplifting perspective. 

  • A powerful amulet for travelers. 

  • It is used as a transmitter of the healing power of the universe. 

  • It is used to increase psychic awareness. 

  • It is kept with other divination tools to enhance their qualities. 

  • Placing it under the pillow helps insomniacs and induces prophetic dreams.  

  • Used to induce harmony.

Beautiful Amethyst Balls - Represent the acquisition of universal knowledge. In this case, the cultivation of healing knowledge and ability to go with it.

Pyramid Power! The most impressive structures built by man are more that 5,000 years old. Their method of construction is still unknown and debated today. There is power in the pyramid shape which is akin to the power of the psychic mind. A power that can be used and manipulated, but is still a mystery regarding an exact scientific explanation as to how it does work. 

The bringer of power.
You need a pyramid if you want its power to be part of your psyche. 



Amethyst used in healing:

Amethyst is universally accepted as the healing crystal, and has been since antiquity. There are a number of ways to incorporate it into a healing practice. 

  • A crystal point, ball or pyramid in the room.      

  • In a pocket or pouch on the healer. 

  • Held in the healers hand like a wand. 

  • Under the seat of the person being held.

  • Held by the person receiving the healing.

Healing With a Crystal vs. Healing without one. 

Healing without a crystal.
A person applying any healing technique to another person needs to be careful so that their ego doesn't enter the healing practice. In the absence of a crystal, the process works like this, Universal Healing energy - goes through the healer - to the recipient. The danger is that the ego of the healer may want to take the credit as the "source from which healing energy comes" when in actuality it is merely the channel through which the universal healing energy passes. If the healer is not diligent, he or she may actually begin to believe their own ego and begin to feel self-important. This begins to short circuit the universal energy and actually can block the channel through which it flows. 

Healing with a crystal:
The benefit of using a crystal lies in the healer being able to "detach" him or herself from the healing process. The healer assigns the healing channel to the crystal, which frees the healer from involvement in the process. The healing process then becomes, Universal energy - to the crystal - to the recipient. Notice that the healer and the ego are not part of the process. The healer is able to carry on with a healing session acting as the channel only. The ego has less opportunity to take the credit for itself because the healing channel has been assigned  to the crystal by the healer. 

Note: A healing crystal doesn't have to be amethyst, it can be any other crystal that  the healer feels is more suitable to their own particular interests. Amethyst is cited here because it is one of the  most frequently and universally used for healing.  


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