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These glittery minerals have a magical power given them by humans since Neolithic times. In those early days of human culture they were  used as amulets, god images and charms. 

The Egyptians used them in their secret funeral ceremonies and in their magical cult practices. They assigned symbolic power meanings  to them that gave the stones a value that exceeded their simple mineral origins. The meanings associated with them were for health, protection in life and the afterlife, and good fortune, just to name a few. 

Through out history precious stones have held a mystical power over royalty and commoner alike who valued both their beauty and the symbolic power meanings they represented. They have a unique quality that inspires some people to exceed their own human abilities and limitations by providing them with an esoteric power that they believe operates on their behalf. 

Science and modern psychology has begun to take notice about the power of the psyche. They recognize that the mind has powers that far exceed its simple material composition in its ability to create its own reality.

Joseph Campbell, probably the most noted mythologist in history, wrote a book called "The Power of Myth" in which he outlines how myth and the belief in it brings about reality. At times myth is more powerful that the reality it exists in. There is more to myth than just something some skeptics refer to as unfounded belief or unrealistic thinking. There is the reality that emerges from something that was previously unreal and quaintly imagined.

This is the role that they play in the human equation. By becoming  the focus of a myth that can be brought into reality, they provide the human with a tool that can be used for just such a purpose. Using them as an amulet or token that can be the focus. The human mind assigns it psychic power that actually brings about the sought after reality.