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Clear Quartz

Metaphysical meanings and use: 
    A token and symbol of a person, whose  inner being may be symbolized  
    An aid to the mind in its quest to achieve an intention of the soul's need or of a personal one.  
    A tool for meditation and contemplation to help harmonize the mental energies that provide knowledge and peace of mind. 
    A mediator between the person and the universal provider for  both material and ethereal  desires. 
    A communicator that enables the transmission of telepathic thought  for achieving harmonious relationships. 
    An amulet or  token used as an aid to ritual divination. 
    A channeling aid for connecting with beneficent spirit guides and  angels. 
    A focus point to help the psychic link up with the Akashic records and the medium connect with the spiritual world. 
    A power place from where the magic of the human mind can launch its dream creations into the universal machine so they can become a reality. 

These are but a few things that are attributed to quartz, you can probably add more to the list. 

Single Crystals:
Natural quartz crystal that has not been polished or shaped. Often used as the symbol of the possessor's self. Also used for ritual or specifically assigned purposes. 
Polished point: Natural quartz crystal that has been polished to make its facets more perfectly shaped. 

Cluster:  They have faceted faces that can have 3 to 8 edges. They can represent a group of people or a single person with multiple intentions. They are also quite beautiful. Like single crystals, the person has to bond with every facet and crystal in the cluster. 

Quartz Balls: The symbol and provider of universal knowledge. Most sought after because of its properties of enhancing visionary perceptions.



Rose Quartz

Pink is the universal color of Love. It is likewise so in the metaphysical world also. In its crystal shape as well as its tumbled stone form, there is little debate as to its function. It can have all the uses and meanings as clear quartz mentioned above, but it is more inclined toward use in love intentions and all the feelings and emotions that the word evokes. So if love is on your mind this is the one to use. It also symbolizes the meaning of love in the universal sense. That is, it not only represents one's personal and specific love for another, but in a greater expansion to universal love. This is the capacity to love all things, animate and inanimate, equally, and with out distinction of one over the other. 

Rose Quartz: Balls, Polished Points, Pyramids.

Smoky Quartz

When things get out of hand and you need to get back to basics, smoky quartz is the one to use. It is used for grounding the mind and soul to planet earth. For meditation on what your priorities are and what really needs to be done, use this in any of its forms. It helps pull your scattered energies together and regroup your self. 
Pyramid: The symbol of magical things lies in this shape. Mysteries and myths are unfolded to help you stay grounded and know what it is you need to know. 
Sphere or ball: The traditional shape of knowing the unknown. The telepathic medium's tool to inquire into unseen information. A link with the universal record of all things

Smoky Quartz: Clusters, Balls, Polished Points.


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