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Dream Interpretation - A Sample From Life

Dream Interpretation About A Life In Transformation.
Julie had been divorced about a year when she had this dream. She had adjusted to her new circumstances and was doing fine socially and financially. Then she had the following dream.

"I was driving a convertible on a high mountain road, down below I could see a small pretty town with a marina and lots of nice boats. I felt that I came from there. Then I noticed that there was a stranger in the car, but it didnít bother me. It seemed that he knew where we were going. When I looked ahead at the road, I really didnít know where it went. I had never been on this road before. Even so, I felt really good like I was on vacation or something."

Julie remembered to write the dream on paper, she felt that it was an indicator of taking a needed vacation and left it at that.

Six months later the dream occurred the second time, with a few changes.
"I was on the same road again, except further in the mountains, I couldnít see the small town any longer, and I couldnít see where I was going, it was all mountain road, the same stranger was still with me, and I had this feeling that I was going somewhere that I would really like and was looking forward to it."
End of dream. She recognized the similarity to the previous dream and then dutifully recorded it.

Now the third and last time the dream repeats. (about a year later)
"I was at the end of the mountain road, the stranger was still with me, there were neat houses there, a lady took me into one of them. When I entered it I suddenly realized that it belonged to me. A wonderful feeling of security and wholeness overcame me. Although it didnít have furniture, I knew that I would take care of that soon. When I looked outside I saw neighbors, but the stranger was gone."
End of dream.

With this dream, Julie became inspired to solve the mystery behind these three dreams which seemed more like a serial movie.

Before we go on to her analysis of the dream, we need to review some of the things that were going on in her life during this period.

After her divorce, Julie began to make gradual adjustments in her life. She was attracted more and more to spirituality and less to her religion, eventually dropping it altogether. This caused a lot of friction and stress among friends and family. She became interested in alternative healing and got involved. Some of her old friends dropped away and were replaced by new acquaintances. She changed her career from business and got into health care. In short, her life was in transition.

With help, she learned to dissect the dream and analyze the pieces. These are the feelings she attaches to each of these symbols.

First dream interpretation.

The pretty town with the marina. Her life as it was, a comfortable and familiar place.

Driving on the mountain road. She was going from a familiar place to the unknown.

The stranger. His presence gave her comfort because he seemed to know where they were going. She wasnít traveling alone.

Second dream interpretation six months later.

She couldnít see the pretty town anymore. She didnít identify with her old self anymore.

She could only see the road. She was in limbo between one place and another.

The stranger was still with her. She wasnít traveling alone and she felt safe.

Third dream interpretation one year later.

The end of the road. The transition away from her former self-identity is over.

The lady that shows her at the house. Official welcome to her new place of existence

Her new house. Her new identity, the place she recognizes as the new Julie.

The lack of furnishings. Those things she can learn and acquire with her new identity.

The neighbors Lots of new friends

The stranger not there. Julie feels that this was a spirit guide who had led and comforted her during her transformation. His disappearance signaled to her that she had arrived. And this last symbol has given her great comfort and assurance, knowing that she is never alone and that spirit guides are always there behind the scenes helping.

A few comments about these dreams: 
Although Julie didnít know until the very last symbol in her third dream, her spirit guide had made his presence known to her. The fact that the stranger seemed to know where they were going gave her comfort during the turmoil and conflicting feelings she had experienced during the transition. This had a very profound effect on her both in her own self-confidence and upon her knowing who and what she is and in understanding how things in the universe fit together.

This dream was also about the future, her future, which was obscured until the end when she finally arrived there. Only upon looking back did she realize that she was being fed this information a little at a time. The reason for this is that there are two kinds of futures; the changeable and the unchangeable. And Julieís future was the unchangeable kind, the kind that cannot be changed because she was deemed by a higher power to make this life changing transformation.

This was her unchangeable future.
If the future for Julie had been the changeable kind, she would have been allowed to see the complete picture so that she could have made any changes in it if she so chose.

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