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Dream Magic - How To Make It Happen

Page 2. Follow the 5 Easy steps below to change your life and attract love, happiness, new friendships and plenty more!
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Step 1: What do you want? Determine what it is that you want in the simplest terms, something that can be described with the least number of words. Try to keep it under 6-7 words if you can. For example: You want to meet a mate or lover. Then say; “I want to meet someone nice”, “I want a permanent relationship.”; “I want someone nice to marry”.
     Don’t create a laundry list resume of what you want, such as; I want a football hero, with a college degree, must be from Minnesota, must have a ranch in Colorado, must come from a wealthy family. You just lost it! Keep it short and to the basic internal emotional feeling that you can say in the fewest words possible. Let the spiritual channel fill in the details. The higher realm knows what you want better than you do.

 Step 2: Turn it over! Just before falling asleep each and every night sit on the edge of your bed for just a moment to collect the emotion of what you want to appear in your life or out of it. If you are looking for a mate, imagine the emotion of finding that mate, your feelings and happiness of receiving your desired object. Don’t try to visualize what the person looks like or what you’ll do or say. That is unimportant at this point and interferes with the feeling the emotion of your desire. Just create the emotion of happiness you’ll feel at upon receiving what you are seeking. Then, with your imagination, place this happy emotion in a small bubble and blow the bubble away so it can enter the spiritual world. At this point you no longer have to “hang on to your desire”. You are “turning it over” to the greater reality beyond your comprehension where it can be dealt with appropriately. You can stop thinking about it now and go to sleep.


Step 3: Patience and Perseverance. Keep up the nightly practice of "turning over your desire" before you fall asleep. If you miss a day, fine, but begin again. Never give up! Do it every night until you get what you want. In the examples that follow, you’ll see how one person waited an incredibly short time of one day while another waited almost a year. You won’t know how long you will have to wait until you get yours. For the person who waited a year, it didn’t matter because when she got her desire realized, the time she spent patiently and persistently “turning it over” every night became a moot issue. This step cannot be over-emphasized. It separates those who really want something and those who are only casually interested.


Step 4: Believe! Believe that it can happen! For the beginner, you must believe that the spiritual world can assist you in your desires and needs. However, you only need to believe until you have your first successful experience, then you no longer have to believe, because you will KNOW. When you know that something works, you no longer need to believe that it works, because you KNOW that it works. For example; If I explain to someone who has never tasted sugar what sugar actually tastes like- its sweetness, they would have to believe me. They have to believe me because they never had the opportunity to taste sugar and don’t know what sweetness is. However, when they get to taste sugar for themselves, they no longer have to believe me about sweetness, they will know for themselves and therefore believing me is no longer necessary. That is how the Dream Magic works, once you’ve experienced it, you will KNOW what it is. And knowing is better than believing.


Step 5: Change and Do. The universe changes every day. The stars and galaxies are getting farther apart due to the expansion of the universe. Sun stars are born, while others burn out, things are moving and shaking. You need to make some little changes also. They don’t have to be radical changes like shaving your head or dying your hair pink and blue, but make some small changes as a sign you are ready to change. Change your daily routine; instead of - wake up; coffee, drive to work alone, work, eat lunch in; head home; stop at the supermarket, fix dinner, watch the news, read; go to bed; next day start over. Try something different like: wake up; have coffee at a coffee shop; hitch a ride or take someone to work; talk to someone new, make a new friend; eat lunch out at different places; leave work, go to a different supermarket, maybe a whole food or ethnic type; instead of watching TV, go to library, book store; sport store; mall; pool hall.
      You can change your type of clothes or get something different; maybe its shoes, haircut or change your barber or hairdresser. You never go to the movies or a concert? Then do that! If you get an invitation to meet new people or do something different, do it! Find some little things to change in your life. Why? Because that allows you to Move and Shake your life routine so the spiritual movers and shakers can find more places for you to intersect with a very nice “coincidence” that will turn out to be the answer to your desire.

Experience 1: Finding Love.

Experience 2: How do I end this relationship?

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