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Dream Magic, 5 Easy Steps to Making Your Dreams Happen, Find Love and Happiness Through  your Dreams.

Example 1: Finding a Mate.
Cindy is a pretty blond hair blue eyed girl with north European ancestry. During high school and afterwards she always dated blond haired, blue eyed males because that was her preference. When she was in her mid twenties she reflected back on her love life that was pretty much in shambles. It seemed that her whole life had been a long series of disappointments, frustration and heartbreak including one abusive encounter that was short lived.  She began to practice Dream Magic with her only requirement being “someone I can be happy with”. She continued the Dream Magic faithfully every night before bed. In the meantime, she changed jobs, shortened her hair, began getting out more with friends. About a year after she began, she received a call from a former girlfriend from her previous job asking her to go to a small carnival being held in a close by suburb. At first it didn’t sound too exciting and she almost declined but remembered that she had to “do” and to “change” so she accepted. At the carnival they walked around until they found a large table near the beer tent that had a large number of unoccupied chairs. Within a few minutes a young man came by and asked if he could sit at one of the free chairs and they said yes. He told Cindy and her friend that he and his friends were just sitting at the same table moments before and had all decided to leave. They all left and when he got to his car someone had blocked him in and he couldn’t get out. He was a bit annoyed but philosophical about it. He’d told the security people about it and was waiting for them to announce the car’s license over the PA system. Meanwhile, they continued to talk amongst themselves. To make a long story short, Cindy ended up dating this man and they eventually married. She is happy with a still growing family. The irony of the story is that Cindy’s husband has brown hair and brown eyes, and not the blond hair, blue eyed types she was habitually in the habit of picking on.

          Does that mean that brown hair; brown eyed men make women happier? Of course not! What happened to Cindy was that she wanted to attract the blond type to the point of neglecting their compatibility. Perhaps she added to the bad chemistry by ignoring her own incompatibilities or her own preconceived notions about what the relationship should be like. Her ego and preconceived ideas were interfering with her life. When she turned over her desire to the Spiritual realm, she also simplified her requirements to her basic need which was, “someone I can be happy with”. She had turned it over to the higher power that was able to steer her to the right place at the right time and fill her need. Incidentally, this was not a one way deal. Her husband had expressed having a similar frustrating problem with his own love life. So the higher spiritual realm was able to match up two people with complimentary needs and made them both happy.

Example 2: How do I end this relationship?

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