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Dream Magic, Find Love and Happiness Through  your Dreams.

You can bring real love into your life, new friends, a better job, more money, better financial opportunities; solve some of lifeís problems, plus a lot more. It can actually help you change your self image through a personal transformation once you learn how to function in the secret and magical world you enter every time you fall asleep.

You donít need to buy anything, no pills or special dietary products, electronic gadgets or other apparatus, you donít have to join any cult group or club nor make a donation, and thereís no magazine subscription either. The only thing you need is YOU yourself alone and a deeply felt and sincere need to influence your life for change and to attract into your life those things you truly want. However, it does require something from you, in that you must learn to FOCUS and have the PATIENCE to persevere. It is also important for you to BELIEVE that this wonderful process works because that is one of the key elements in achieving results with it. If you donít believe it when you start, you will believe it after you experience first exciting and rewarding success with it.

Understanding the Two Main Categories

Ordinary : You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping and almost half of that time you are participating in ordinary dreaming which your subconscious is smoothing out all the psychological bumps and bruises that you acquired through your interactions with events and people over the past several days. This is the first category that deals mainly with the physical body and the need to maintain and care for its ego identity.

Spiritual: We are most interested in the second category; the higher order of spiritual dreams that are transparent and blatant in conveying a message, instructions, lessons or guidance. They may even be accompanied by an appearance of what can be called your Guardian Angel, Higher Self or a deceased loved one. This  drama of a higher order becomes a landmark experience leaving you with a permanent and unforgettable impression of otherworldliness embedded deep within your inner being. They are indelibly implanted in your memory so that you wonít forget them. They have a deliberate and specific purpose, to inform you that you are not alone; that there is something that participates in the affairs of your life; and that there exists a vastly greater reality than the limited physical world that you dwell in.

What You Learn from Spiritual Dreams:

          From them you learn that there is a greater reality out there than you are able to perceive. You also learn that there are friendly characters specifically related to you in that higher realm of existence that are ready to intervene and assist you in your lifeís physical and spiritual adventure. When you are in contact with this higher realm, you realize that everyone else must be in similar contact, and thus you can be in touch with everyone else in the world while in the spiritual dream state or while awake. If those characters in the spiritual realm of reality, (your Higher Self, Guardian Angel, Deceased loved ones) can communicate with you, then you should likewise be able to contact and communicate with them. This is the launch pad from which you are able to participate in Dream Magic.

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