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Dream Magic, Making Your Dreams Happen.

Example 2:  How Do I End This Relationship.

George started a small business making wooden crates for companies that used them for shipping machinery. He started with one employee, a man named Ed. After a year the company grew to 11 people. Ed had become the foreman and supervisor of operations.

George had to attend a business convention out of town where he hoped to get some new business contacts. On Georgeís first day away, the unknown dark side of Ed emerged suddenly. He was an alcoholic and spent the entire first day in the office drinking, ignoring the men and the work in the shop. On the second day he appointed a newly hired unskilled employee to sit in the office, and whose only duties were to call Ed at a local saloon if any problems arose or if George called. This continued for 4 days until George returned. Then all hell broke loose. The unskilled labor complained as well as most all the other employees who had up to then been afraid to squeal on Ed for fear of losing their jobs.

          George was devastated by the news, felt betrayed by Ed but at the same time felt sorry for Ed. Ed had worked hard alongside George while he built his business and now George had no option but to fire him or face insurrection at work. That night George composed himself and sought help from the spiritual channel. He needed the Dream Magic to work. His only desire was to find a graceful way to fire his formerly loyal employee.

          Just as George awoke the following morning, the telephone rang, it was Ed. Ed apologized to George for his failings and told George that he had spoken to some of the employees at work and as a result felt that he should not come to work and was giving George his resignation. Ed added that he really didnít want to do this particular type of work for the rest of his life anyway. He wished George good luck and hung up the telephone. George didnít even have to fire Ed; Ed fired himself and did it gracefully as well.

          This is an example of an amazingly short period between the ďturning it overĒ of the desire and its corresponding answer. Less than one day. This example is included only to exemplify how quick an answer can be had. But donít count on all answers coming so quickly. Remember Rule 3: Patience and Perseverance.

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