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Future Dreams Interpretation Precognition

Two weeks before his assassination, Abraham Lincoln had a dream that there was a funeral at the White House. In the dream he asked a soldier who was in the casket and the reply was, "the president of United States". Later when he told his wife about the dream, she remarked that he would die in office.

Could he have prevented his death? Its possible, had the dream told him how he would die. Then, instead of letting his lone personal bodyguard have the night off, he might have been more preoccupied with his own safety. However, itís most certain that his death was deemed to happen, and that he was allowed to remain blind to his own fate by disregarding the message of his precognitive dream.

Mark Twain had a very real dream where he saw his brother in a casket. He didnít know what to do about it and let it go. Less than a week later, his brother was killed in an explosion on a boat. Upon arriving at the town where it took place, he saw his brother laid out in a casket just like in his dream. Again, had the dream given him more specific details about his brotherís death, perhaps he could have warned him.

Unchangeable Future
In both these cases, we have precognitive dreams of the unchangeable kind. They told the future, while not giving enough details for any one to change the predetermined outcome. Whatever happened, happened because it was already in the universal plan and this kind cannot be changed.

Changeable Future
Then there are the precognitive dreams of the changeable kind that allow someone to change the future. Immediately after the Titanic sank in the Atlantic Ocean, there were at least two dozen reports of people who canceled their trip because of precognitive dreams they had about the sinking. No one knows how many had the same warning and ignored it, going to a death they could have avoided. There is one businessman that had the same precognitive dream three times and chose to ignore the warning. He still intended to make the trip until a sudden turn in business forced him to cancel.

The Titanic gives a good example of the changeable future. Those that interpreted their dreams as a warning continued to live. They were given enough details so they could change their future. Those who ignored the warning perished. The businessman is an example of how an unchangeable future canít be changed. For in spite of stubbornly ignoring three dream warnings, he was forced to cancel due to a sudden business problem. His unchangeable future plan required that he remain alive.

Even ordinary events sometimes have unchangeable future.
Nancy had a dream where she heard herself saying, "I canít find Jason" Upon awakening she somewhat puzzled by its meaning, since she knew only one person named Jason, a coworker. A week later, Jason was traveling in Canada for their firm and her boss asked her to locate him. Knowing his complete itinerary, she started calling everywhere, even calling his wife to see if she knew where he was. After a whole day without success, she was somewhat distressed and went to her boss saying, "I canít find Jason". At that very moment she recalled the dream from a week earlier. This is an example of an unchangeable future. Insignificant as it may seem, it was an event that was meant to happen. Had she understood its meaning at the outset, she could have avoided using those words.

A changeable future event of the ordinary mundane kind.
Sheryl had a dream about walls being cracked and broken. When she awoke she checked her house and everything was intact. Momentarily, the thought entered her mind about an apartment she was renting to some tenants. Then she just forgot about it. About a month later the tenants were about to move from the apartment she owned and in discussing the move got into a minor dispute with them. After they left she went to inspect the apartment and found that they had punched holes in the walls of three rooms for spite.

Here is a case of the changeable future. Had she taken the dream more seriously, she would have expanded her concern not just for her own house, but to the apartment she owned. Further, she could have had the foresight to avoid getting into a tiff with the tenants and avoided a spiteful response from them.

These examples should give you some insight in how to view dreams. By giving precognitive dreams more credence and looking further into them for more precise information you can benefit from this free information. Whenever you have a dream that seems significant but is unclear, you should be looking for further clarification.

You can get clarification by going back to the source. Prior to falling asleep, think about what type of information you need to clarify a previous dream. Instruct yourself to have a clarifying dream and when it comes, to awaken you. Be sure to have writing material handy. Remember! Donít give up after only one try, keep trying and youíll get something.


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