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A Health Dream is one way your body can signal you when somethingís wrong or needs your attention. Pain is a tool to tell you something is wrong. There are other things that are signals that are indicators about your health, not feeling well, dizziness, weakness, etc. Dreams are another way that you can find out about your health. Your subconscious will sometimes get your attention through your dreams.

Below are a few simple examples of Health Dreams that will demonstrate this. Remember to use the ĎDivide and analyzeí technique to interpret all dreams.

Jackieís first encounter with food while sleeping was a novelty. In a dream someone was feeding food to her and she was eating it. The whole thing seemed amusing to her. Some time later, she had another dream involving food. However, the second dream wasnít so amusing. When the food arrived at her face, it was being forcibly being crammed down her throat so that she couldnít breath. She woke up in a terror gasping for air, her heart pounding away. It took a while before she could return to sleep. Upon awakening, her first thought was about the dream. She felt as though a mean person was trying to punish her with the food. It was then that she assessed herself realistically; she had recently put on quite a bit of weight, she ate constantly and made light of the fact as though it was an accomplishment to be proud of. Now she realized that her body was protesting her abuse of it and that her recently acquired eating habit was not a laughing matter. This second dream woke her up and she began a weight loss program to lose the excess baggage.

Jackie didnít recognize what the first dream was trying to tell her. When she didnít respond accordingly, her subconscious turned up the heat to get its message across.


Lisa played worked out at the gym and played tennis regularly. She was in her thirties and in the best of health. In her Health Dream a neatly dressed man kept staring at her breasts, she felt self-conscious and turned away trying to ignore him. He appeared in front of her again still staring at her, and while still in the dream, she noticed that one of her breasts was larger than the other. Upon awakening she examined herself and discovered a lump on the right side. She consulted a physician and began treatment immediately.

Lisaís subconscious mind gave her an early warning signal to check herself out. She had neglected to do this previously because of her excellent physical condition.

Your subconscious mind is aware of everything that is going on in your body. It tries to talk to you when you are awake, but if that doesnít work, it can use your dreams as the communication link. You just need to analyze your dreams and look for the meanings.


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