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Getting knowledge and information from your dreams.

You have the unlimited knowledge of the universe available at all times. Itís just a dream away. Some of the very important discoveries in science were made through the help of a dream.

Information for science.
Edison is said to have invented the light bulb with the aid of a dream. In fact he used dreams quite a lot for his ideas.

Dmitry Mendeleyev provided the world of chemistry and physics the Periodic Table of Elements in 1869. The Table, for which he missed the Nobel Prize in chemistry by one vote, came to him in its completed form in a dream.

All knowledge pre-exists in the universe
Remember that all knowledge already exists in the universe. Infinite quantities of knowledge and information have not yet been transmitted to the minds of humans. Who knows how many other important and mundane discoveries remain to be accessed. We tend to think of future inventions and discoveries, but in reality, these things already exist in the knowledge bank of the universe. Itís all a matter of transmission from there to here. You can access this information through your dreams. Solve your personal problems or invent something. Prior to falling asleep, program your mind to access the information in a dream. Be persistent and keep trying. Youíll get a response.

Medical Information for health problems.
Rick had been jogging for six months when suddenly he developed an itching on his feet that wouldnít go away. The problem area was at the point where the hard callous on the bottom of his feet met the soft skin tissue on the side. He tried every remedy that was available at the pharmacy with out success. Then he had the following dream: A picture of his foot appeared, a hand began painting the itchy area with a cotton swab with an orange colored liquid. Then he heard the word merthiolate. End of dream.

Later that afternoon, he recalled the dream and decided to try it out. Within an hour of its first application the itching was gone. He claims that after a few more applications, the itch never returned to bother him again.

Business information from a dream
Harold went to bed one night completely stressed out. He had a building contractor client that was looking for a parcel of newly developed lots that he could purchase. Harold hadnít been able to find what his client wanted and was worried that he was about to loose him. The moment he awoke in the morning, and before he opened his eyes, he heard words in his mind. "Basin Hill Sanctuary." There was something peculiar about the way the words came to him. He began an investigation, which led him to a newly paved road named Basin Hill and on it a piece of land that was being cleared for streets. He found the only sign on the property that had hand painted words, "The Sanctuary" He was astonished at this discovery. The owner had developed the land and hadnít yet advertised it. After some negotiations, his client bought the land from the owner.

You can obtain this information also.
In all three of these cases, the dreamer received help from outside of their subconscious mindís scope of knowledge. Even though they didnít specifically solicit the dream state for the help that they received, they were made the beneficiaries of freely available universal knowledge. Anyone can have the same access if they make the effort to get it. These individuals had experienced a connection to a higher and greater power and their lives benefited by the encounter. Again, the only requirement is that you actively seek out this information by programming your self to get it while you dream.


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