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Meanings of Dreams Through Their Symbols

   The subconscious mind is a most remarkable mechanism when it comes to creating dreams. Most people find their dreams an unintelligible mix of hidden meanings of dreams and secret symbols because that is the intention on the subconscious mind. It wants no interference from the dreamer's input or meddling with any of its actions.
   The subconscious wants to keep your mind, body and spirit in balance and it does so by sending you through gauntlet of its creations that can range anywhere from a  night of grinding psychedelic terror to a blissful trip to the heavens  in the company of angels and God like figures.
   Your subconscious mind does this because you are its favorite person and it wants to keep you,  your emotions, your mind and feelings in equilibrium. Whether you wake up crying, shaking, or floating on cloud nine, is no concern as long as you shape up. And if you don't get the message the first time, you can be certain that you'll be visited again with a replay of the action. 
   Learning the meanings of dreams through their symbols can help you to understand what it is up to and further helps you to help your self. 

More than one way to interpret the meaning of a symbol

Symbols can have a direct or indirect interpretation in the meaning of dreams, that is they are interpreted directly as they appear in the dream - or they can be applied indirectly like a secret metaphor. 

Example of Direct meaning:

"In my dream, my mother congratulated me about me being pregnant, then my sister did the same." 
This is a woman whose dream first informed her of being pregnant. It was confirmed shortly after. 

Example of an Indirect meaning:

The Dream: "I was nine months pregnant, ready to give birth, my brother was screaming and ridiculing me that I didn't know who the father was. And in the dream I hadn't the faintest idea of who the father was, but I didn't care. I was determined to have the baby anyway  and I was surprised how confident I felt about myself in that situation."

Interpretation: This is woman who was at the limit with the stress that her job had created and had made a decision to look for a new job. The idea of pregnancy is related to her being ready to get out of the current job even though she had no idea where to find a new job at the time. (she didn't know the name of the baby's father). Her lack of concern of being pregnant and not knowing who the father was in the dream gave her the confidence in her waking life to follow through with her decision to find a new job.

When you interpret the meaning of dreams, examine the objects, people and actions in both direct and indirect ways until you can piece it together.  Good Luck! 


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