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Appearances from loved ones that have passed on occur fairly frequently. In our sleeping state we are closer to them than when in the waking state. The reason being that our five senses and our ego are at rest allowing our sixth sense or our higher self the freedom it needs to make these communications happen.

In the sleeping state, everyone gets a chance to be close to the veil, that is the dividing line between the physical state and the spiritual one. Mediums continually practice focusing themselves so that they can attain this state in order to communicate with the deceased. This requires quite a bit of time and effort on their part. However, the sleeping person is already there nearby.

A symbol in a dream
Sometimes a deceased loved one can become a part of our dreams as one of the actors in the play of coded symbols. Then through the divide and analyze interpretation technique, we use the memories associated with them to understand the meaning behind that particular dream. Your subconscious uses these loved ones just like every other symbol in its composition of a dream.

A visitation is more than a dream.
There is a noticeable difference between a dream and a visitation. In the latter, the spirit of the loved one appears spontaneously and unexpectedly as the unmistakable central focus. Its image may be much brighter than in an ordinary dream. It can simply be a face to face momentary meeting with a full or partial image and no more than that. Or, it can involve an issue that has some relevance between the person and the spirit. In either case, the visitation usually leaves the dreamer with a feeling of otherworldliness about the encounter when they awake.

A visit from a friend.
When Sandra was a sophomore in high school she was part of a small group of close knit friends. Whenever something was happening, they always went as a group. One day several of the boys skipped school and went swimming in an old quarry. One of them drowned. She had a difficult time dealing with it and used to pray for him regularly. Quite some time after, he appeared to her in a vivid dream. He was his very gregarious self again, wearing new shiny clothes. He was standing on a platform against which there was a ladder. She felt happy and excited and began to climb the ladder, he said in a clear consoling voice, "Sandra, stop worrying about me, Iím fine." With that the dream ended.

After this dream, she felt whole again and accepted his death. She felt that he had spoken to her from heaven.

They just drop in to say "Hi"
Spirits donít only come to resolve issues, they may appear just because the opportunity presents itself like friends that drop in unexpectedly and unannounced. Donít ever be frightened by their appearance, greet them just as though they were in the flesh.


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