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Dream Interpretation - Instructions How to Interpret and Analyze Your Dreams

You can interpret your dreams!
Your dreams are full of symbols and allegories. (Stories that are told that have a meaning other than the story itself.) When you venture into the realm of dream interpretation you must try to decode your dream, you need to dissect it into the separate fragments and examine each for its particular meaning. Each one contains a small nugget of the whole picture. Dreams are composed of a collage of little parts of your own life experience that are stored away in your brain symbolically.

Simply using a dictionary of dreams can be misleading, because these interpretations had a value to the composer of the list, which may have been a part of his or her personal experience. Someone elseís experiences donít create the same symbols that your own mind has created. You need to develop your own set of interpretations for the symbols that are particular to your own lifeís experiences.

Divide and conquer!
That is one of the basic strategies that military commanders have known since antiquity. Splitting your opponentís concentrated power into sizable chunks makes it that much easier to overcome him. Then he can be taken out piece by piece. This is the strategy to use in dream interpretation, Divide and analyze!

Here are some of the basic parts in most dreams:

You. You are directly involved or observing yourself.

Other actors. Each one is a separate actor.

The scene. There can be more than one.

The action. There can be more than one.

The object. There can be a theme or an object involved.

The end result. End results are not present in all dreams.

The technique: Take every part of the dream and separate it from the rest. Use a separate piece of paper to record your observations. With each part do the following: Recalling from your own memory; what feelings this part has for you, what memories does it evoke, who and what does it remind you of, what impression do you have for it. Add every notion you can come up with. Restrict your analysis strictly to each individual part, and not how it played a role in the dream.

After you have done this with all the parts, review what is going on in your life at the present time. Now you are ready to fit the puzzle together. Remember, you are the only one who has the information to make the final interpretation. Itís all stored in the memory bank of your brain.

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