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Esp Test With Colors

The purpose of Colors.
The colors are related to emotions and intellectual knowledge. Practice with them helps the mind to develop a focus on receiving information regarding other people's feelings and emotions, as well as knowing of facts and information about things. One's perception  increases over time with continued practice. 

Copying the colors.
Print this page and cut out the color circles that are shown at the bottom.
There are five colors and the deck of cards must contain 25 cards. Five of each color. Reprint the page or make copies of it so that you have the 25 cutouts. Be sure that only the white of the paper and the colors show. Remove any border color if it prints out.

Preparing the cards.
Get dark colored poster paper and cut out 25 cards 3" x 5". The exact size is not important but they should all be fairly close to the same size. You need to use dark poster paper so that the colors do not show through the backside.

Glue the 25 cutouts onto  the 25, 3"x 5" blank cards so that the colors are facing out. Be certain that the cutouts are not loose because it will interfere with shuffling the deck.


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