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The technique described here is for a general evaluation of a person's ability to guess cards with symbols on them through telepathy and esp. Any results learned here, whether great, dismal or average, does not have bearing on a person's psychic abilities. Those talents and abilities are separate and need to be measured or tested by themselves with other test procedures.

Ability and talent
A person's psychic, ESP, telepathic, or mediumship abilities can't be judged by a single or a group of exercises. This ability develops through time and practice. So, if you don't do well the first time, don't feel bad, because most of the world renowned mediums, psychics and other mentalists started out by testing themselves at one time or another. Their results probably would compare to yours. The difference is of course is that they stuck to the training, the exercises and practiced over and over. Be patient and you can expect to see an improvement in all your latent abilities over a period of time, not just in a few tries of guessing cards.

There are other factors that need to be considered before beginning. The mind set and attitude at the time of the test are critical. Be certain that your are in a good frame of mind when your start. If you are in a bad emotional state or have something heavy on your mind, wait until you have calmed down. You need to be enthused about doing  the test, not doing it and feeling obligated or bored. 

When you test your self, do not let the results of your last test influence the current test. Each test run is by itself. The overall, long term results are what is being looked at. And remember, this is just a test of reading symbols on a card and nothing more. It has no relationship to your other psychic or intuitive abilities.

Testing and recording results on the score sheet.
a) Shuffle the cards and place them on a table in front of you on the left side.
b) Have a pencil and paper on your right side to record your results. You can record the symbols in either rows or columns. Whatever feels best.
c) When you are ready, pick up the first card without looking at the symbol. You can hold it or place it on your head, just don't look at it or hold it in a way you can see its reflection. (like a mirror)
d) When you made your choice, place the card, symbol down on the right side of your writing pad. Write down the symbols sequentially in the column labeled call so you can review them after the run.
e) When you have read all 25 cards, its time to compare the results. Turn over the card pile that you have read. You should be looking at the first card you started with. Compare it with what you wrote down. If it is a correct match, then draw a circle around the symbol that you wrote on the pad.
f) When you have finished comparing all the cards, count the circled ones to see how many you have guessed correctly. See scoring below.

Test by recording results on a cassette player. 
a) You can do the same test using a cassette recorder. Instead of stopping to write down each symbol, you can say aloud what you feel the card is that you are holding. This method keeps you from looking at previous guesses which may affect your selection of cards. 
b) Place each guessed card in a pile with the symbol facing down.
c) When you are finished, turn over the deck, you will be looking at the first card. You can turn on the replay and listen to the card calls that you recorded. Make two piles, one for those you've guessed correctly and the other for the misses. When you are finished, count how many you have done correctly.

Note: You should make between 5 or 10 runs at each sitting.
Save the results with the date and number of runs. Also record your general mental attitude for comparison, as it often times plays a role in the outcome.

Scoring: for 5 runs of 25 cards ( a total of 125 cards)
25          Expected by chance 
36          Decent showing (odds 22 to 1)
42          Excellent show  (odds 260 to 1)        

This test is not clinical evidence, but a general indicator regarding one's ability to guess cards in a deck. The overall purpose is to develop your overall ability to focus which leads to greater mind power and telepathy.
Be patient and persistent!


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