Telepathy and Mind Power

The purpose of telepathy practice with cards. 
In the Esp tests one practices to receive information only. With the telepathy test and exercises one learns to receive as well as to send information to others. It increases one's mind power and enables a person to project their feelings and intentions to others without having to say the words. It involves the use of the three types of symbols used in the Esp tests and exercises.

How it is done.
Testing for mental telepathy requires 2 people. One is the sender and the other, the receiver. The sender focuses on sending a mental image or message to the receiver who must of course determine what the information is. The information used will be the three tools used with the Esp tests and exercises, symbols, colors, and combo symbols. The participants practice being both the receiver and sender of the information alternately.  

Locally or at a distance
Mental telepathy can be practiced either locally (in the same room) or distance (using the telephone). Distance does not play a part in telepathy because the information can be sent or received at any distance. 

Both the sender and receiver are in the same room and can be at the same table as long as the symbol cards are out of view of the receiver. (erect a barricade of sorts). The participants can also be in different parts of the room within voice distance of one another.

Use a speaker phone if one is available. Using the telephone is an automatic barrier with which to keep the receiver from observing the cards or media being used. Using distance also depends upon how much you pay for long distance service. 

How to proceed using symbol cards:
Sender: Shuffles the deck and then proceeds to turn over the cards one at a time. Each card is first recorded on the score sheet before the sender focuses on it, trying to project the image to the receiver. After this is done for a moment, the sender says, "card ready" to notify the sender to begin to focus on what it is. 

Receiver: As soon as the sender says "ready", the receiver focuses on what ever "feelings", "notions", "urgings" that first appear. It is important that the receiver say the very first thing that comes up as a choice for the "call". The sender then records the receiver's "call" on the score sheet in the column next to the card that was recorded there.  Later the "hits" can be tallied at the bottom of the column.  The point of course is that one does not get discouraged when not guessing the cards or getting a low score. This is a practice exercise that allows the development of mental telepathy ability. It is for training the mind in learning how to receive and interpret the symbols and perceptions. 

Don't get bored.

Using different symbols helps to keep the the person being tested from getting bored which happens when using the same symbols over and over. It is important to maintain enthusiasm and interest when testing your self because it has been found to make a difference. When a person begins to get bored, their score often times goes down. That is why we have presented here, 4 varieties of colors and symbols. Test your self with all four, switching off when you lose interest in one or the other. 

After you read the instructions on how to test and keep score, you can print the symbols and paste them on cards. The instructions how to do it are on each of the symbol pages. For color symbols, you'll naturally need a color printer.

Print the score sheet page, and you can use it for keeping score.

Good Luck!


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