Telepathy and Mind Control

The purpose of telepathic practice with photos.
Testing for mental telepathy with other media also requires 2 people. One is the sender and the other, the receiver. The sender tries to send a mental image or message to the receiver who must of course determine what the information is. The exercise here is to use photographs of landscape scenes, cityscapes, people in gatherings and solitary situations, etc. This exercise provides visualization training for projecting complete scenarios that one wants to become part of their physical reality. This is mind control at its peak.

Locally or at a distance
Mental telepathy can be practiced either locally (in the same room) or distance (using the telephone). Distance does not play a part in telepathy because the information can be sent or received at any distance. 

Both the sender and receiver are in the same room and can be at the same table as long as the photos or other media are out of view of the receiver. (erect a barricade of sorts). They can also be in different parts of the room within voice distance of one another.

Use a speaker phone if one is available. Using the telephone is an automatic barrier with which to keep the receiver from observing the cards or media being used. Using distance also depends upon how much you pay for long distance service. 

How to proceed using photos or literature quotes:
Sender: Studies a photo, looking carefully at every detail on it. The theme (landscape, cityscape, event, etc) making a mental note of colors, people, what is happening, etc) and then tries to mentally project the details to the receiver. At this time the sender says, "ready".

Receiver: As soon as the sender says "ready", the receiver focuses on what ever "feelings", "notions", "urgings" that first appear. It is important that the receiver say the very first thing that comes up as a choice for the "call". The sender then records the receiver's "keywords" on a piece of paper.  Later the "hits" can be compared to the misses for the same media being used. This is more of a subjective rating of the hits, because the receiver is trying to perceive any number of things that can be present with the media. The point of course is that one does not get discouraged when not guessing the correct content in the beginning. This is a practice exercise that allows the development of the ability to pick up the content of the media. It is training the mind in learning how to receive and interpret the symbols and perceptions. 

Don't get bored.
It's important to maintain enthusiasm and interest for best results. To avoid boredom, at the end of each run two or three media items, the receiver and sender can switch roles. However, they must each have separate record sheets so that they don't get a look at their own score until a predetermined number of  tries have been made by both persons. 

Good Luck!


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