Native American and Shamanic 
Healing - Spiritual Connections


Advanced Neuro Dynamics, Inc. "HUNA Healing skills using the ancient Hawaiian wisdom in a modern application.
Seminar with Tod James" Mulkiteo WA  425 353-8815

Aloha International    Taught by Susan Pa' iniu Floyd. Develop your powers of mind and body. Learn shamanic skills for healing. Free brochure available. Mill Valley CA  415 380-8282 

Anchor Point Institute  Sponsors workshops in Shaman Teachings. NLP Certification, Group Leaders, & Health Certifications. See Calendar Soquel CA 831 475-9560 

Dance of the Deer Foundation Huichol Shamanism Studies kilauea HI    808 828-0302

Dream Change Coalition   Run workshops in the US and in the Andes with John Perkins, author. Helena MT  Feathered Pipe Foundation Shamanic studies, Grants NM

Foundation for Shamanic Studies   Teaches Native American shamanistic divination and healing. Las Vegas NV 702 647-3095 

Grupo Osanimi Works with rainforest people in Peru and Ecuador. Williams OR    541 846-7913

Love Flutes Makers of the most beautiful sounding native American flutes. Very easy for beginners. Salt Lake City UT     800 544-6480

Ma Africa, My Witness    African shamanic teachings and insights.
 800 245-7330 

Men's Wilderness Journey    Men's gathering in the remote canyons of the Southwest desert, by psychologica, Native American shamanic spiritual work. 416 928-5927 

Sacharuna   Promotes Andes shamanic culture & training 800-808-7352

Sacred Circle Institute Walking the Sacred Wheel Initiation home study 707-253-9361

Spirit Offerings   Support group newsletter 310-455-2713

The Shamanic Research Foundation Fully certified, seven module, weekend residential course in an exciting new breakthrough technique in Native American Shamanic Healing & Counseling with Nick Red Cloud    416-591-2310

Tibetan Shamanism   An experience in Shamanic Initiation, Ecstasy & Healing. Dr.Peters conducts workshops around the world. 1999 Nepal Initiation Pilgrimages; November 5-11 Pokhara Excursion, November 12-27 Nepal Initiation & Pilgrimage, December 4-5 Boulder, CO 416-591-2310

Transforming Loss with Masa Alba Geoetz, Ph.D internationally recognized shamanic healer & author. Sacred ceremony, imagery, & Earth Wisdom nourish the heart & should in this transformative journey. 800 435 8837