The Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience (NDE) - General profile.

Near death experience returnees  have a great deal to say about their experiences and have reported their observations, not only on those things that fall into the general profile, but on more important issues, those that refer to purpose. Among those are the need for universal love and tolerance and of acquiring knowledge of all kinds. The returnees have also undergone instant transformation, and some have had continued contact with those spirits they met while on the other side. 

On these pages you will find extracts from a number of books  written on the subject of the near death experience collected into several categories. The page and book they came from are listed for those who wish to read further.

Near death experiences have been reported throughout history from ancient times. Plato recounts the story of a soldier who was killed and suddenly returned to life to tell of his story. Early Christian writings record them also. The focus of Ancient Egyptian religion on the afterlife may have begun with such an experience. The Tibetan Book of the Dead has knowledge of the afterlife that must have come from an NDE. There is a sect in India that was started several hundred years ago by someone who drowned and was revived. His first remarks were, that he had seen God.

Near death experiences are not new but have always been with us. It has only been in recent times that so many have been reported. Thanks to modern medicine, people that die, are returned to life and are able to tell their story. 

  Listed below are a number of the common elements that fit a general profile for the near death experience. Some people have reported all of them, while others, only a few. 

1.  A feeling of peace and quiet overcomes them, a cessation of pain at this point, floating out of their body, seeing the room they are in.

2.  Suddenly they are drawn through a dark tunnel accompanied by a loud noise.

3.  They see friends, family, other people, or angel types  who welcome them and help them along while comforting them.

4.  At the end they reach the light and encounter a being of light that makes them feel loved and unafraid.

5.  At this point they have a life review, where every detail of their life is recalled. There is no judgment, only understanding what and why.

6.  They reach a boundary or border over which they cannot pass. They learn many things and see and hear beautiful things, some of which are forgotten when they return.

7.  Some are given the option to return, while others are told they must return because it is not their time. Those that refuse to return are ejected and they return to their bodies reluctantly.

8.  Disappointment upon return, pain, if present before, returns, sometimes depression.

9.  Transformation takes place in their lives, more spiritual, less materialistic and religious. No longer afraid of death. Some talk about it, while others keep it to themselves.

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