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Ancient prophecy - About our time?

Notes about these ancient prophecies: These are prophecies from a Christian perspective. The prophets have in mind an end time, which they believe will involve the workings of a man called the ’anti-Christ’. He is prophesized to be a great charismatic leader that will have a worldwide following. He will work many miracles, be a great politician, and possibly, a great military strategist. He will appear to be a caring humanist that will have a following from among all religions, but will actually be selfish, cunning, cruel and anti-Christian or anti-god. There is some consensus that a prelude for his appearance might be a period of economic chaos or political turmoil that may be brought about by anarchy or some other crisis. Another setting for the emergence of the anti-Christ is that there will be some type of catastrophic earth changes taking place, either from within the earth itself, or initiated from an encounter with a comet, asteroid or other space born object. Devastating earthquakes, giant tidal waves, unprecedented and extreme weather conditions, and, volcanic activity are predicted to be a part of this scenario.

These prophecies are presented with a minimum of religious characterization. Keep in mind that Islamic are expecting an anti-Christ in the form of the Great Imam, while Jews are still waiting for the messiah to show up. In all cases the prophets agree on certain criteria, this person will be a great miracle worker, peacemaker, or political leader. If such a great charismatic person does emerge on the political horizon of the future, he will be met by political and social confusion and possibly chaos, because of the different polarized expectations that these groups have.

One of the signs of the arrival or birth of the anti-Christ is believed to be a widespread increase in an evil propensities, such as deceit, lying, criminal activity, immodesty, lack of genuine love, hatred, lack of morality. One of the prophets predicts that at one point "everyone will possess something that was stolen from someone else".

There is at this time, some belief that such a person may have been born on February 5, 1962 because of an extremely rare conjunction of 7 planets in the sign of Aquarius on this date.

St. Columbkille (d. 597) Changes in the weather will occur, crops will not provide the normal yield, fishing will become difficult for lack of fish, fearful storms and hurricanes will ravage the earth, countless diseases shall be rampant.

St. Hildegard (d. 1179) Toward the end there will be a decline in belief in Christianity and all religions. A powerful wind from the north will carry dust that will choke many people causing them to fear the future. Many men will be killed and women will out number men 7 to 1. Prior to the arrival of the comet, their will be many nations in a famine. The great nation that resides in the ocean having a great number of people of different descent and ethnicity will be devastated by earthquakes and tidal waves. It will be divided and a great part of it will be submerged. It will lose its colonies (power?) in the east. A comet will displace the ocean basins causing great destruction and death along coastal areas. Entire nations are submerged and disappear. Diseases run rampant killing many people.

Old German (12th century) The Kaiser will leave the country followed by difficult times and the ascending to power of a man of lowly birth. He will make Germany great. There will be few Jews in the country. The man will do something to cause the downfall of Germany. This prophecy also notes that one of the cities will be destroyed from the air.

Abbot Hermon of Lehnin (d. 1300) Toward the end of the world Israel will commit a crime for which it will cease to exist. (Note: At the time of this prophecy, Israel did not exist nor did anyone seriously believe that it ever would.)

Brother of the Cleft Rock (1340) Near the end religion would be deprived of its material possessions. A pope would flee Rome and die in exile.

Mother Shipton (d. 1551) Toward the end London will be no more, there will be motor vehicles, electronic communications, tunnels through the mountains, underwater transportation, men shall fly, iron ships cruise the oceans, gold would be found in a land not then known. The world will end in 1991.

Fr. Balthassar Mas (1630) England would be temporarily submerged by water then recover.

Maria Taigi (d. 1837) There will be two punishments or scourges, one that originates on earth in the form of wars and revolutions and social upheaval, and the other will be sent from the universe. She predicts that a time will come when there are 3 days and nights of darkness. Nothing will be visible and the air will be laden with disease. People will have to remain indoors for their own safety and in spite of this, a large percentage of the population will die. Light from electromagnetic sources (artificial light) will not work and people will have to use candles during this period.

Palma Maria d’Oria (d. 1863) Near the last days, there will be a short but furious war and supernatural prodigies will be seen by all in the sky. There will also be three days of darkness that will claim many lives for those that venture out from the safety of their houses.

Sister Mary of Jesus of Pau (d.1878) After the 3 days of darkness, only 1/4th of the world’s population will remain.

Catherine Emmerich (d. 1824) She recalls being told that the great increase in evil among the people would begin 50 to 60 years before the judgment year of 2000.

Marie Julie Jahenny of La Faudais (d.1891) She talks about red clouds like blood that will cover the whole earth causing three fourths of the world’s population to perish. There will be a great famine because vegetation will be destroyed and no crops will grow. Great earthquakes will ravage the earth causing the oceans to inundate the land destroying many coastal cities and causing many deaths.

Franciscan Friar of Mt. Sinai (d.1840) There will be a time coming when England will lose all its colonies. Many cities in Italy will be destroyed and many Germans will lose their lives in Italy. Then by 1957 all the wounds will be healed.

Sister Bertina Bouquillion (d. 1850) The anti-Christ will come in the 20th century.


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