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EDGAR CAYCE - America's Sleeping Prophet

Edgar Cayce (d. 1945) gave more than 14,000 readings while under a sleep-like trance. Many of his readings dealt  with the health and personal lives of many people. His readings also included Atlantis, ancient Egypt, and the current age that we are presently living in. The sleeping prophet talked about catastrophic earth changes, shifting of the magnetic poles and changing weather patterns where cold climates become tropical and tropical become cold. His prophecies predict great and profound catastrophes and disasters that will affect the lives of everyone on planet earth. Continents change shape and countries disappear overnight. Many of these prophecies parallel those predicted by other prophets over the centuries and seem to coincide with the same timetable also. The timetable for both is that of our current age, the age of the millennium, plus or minus a few years.

Here is a list of some of the earth changes predicted by Edgar Cayce.

The Atlantic coast of America would be altered, especially around New York  and Connecticut. New York City  would disappear.

Russia (At the time of the  prophecy was atheistic and communistic) would become the spiritual hope of the world. They would live their lives with concern for others, not by decree as dictated by communism and religion, but rather, through spiritual maturity.

The great earth changes he predicted would occur over the span of one generation. Some people put this as 40 years and have set a period beginning in 1958 and ending in 1998. (We can see from this why prophets shouldn't set specific dates) The changes would begin slowly at the beginning of this period. An increase in intensity, frequency and unpredictability in earthquakes and weather anomalies such as violent storms and droughts. Later in the period, these changes would drastically increase in frequency, intensity and violence.

Note: Since 1960 there have been an ever increasing number of violent hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanic activity worldwide. We have experienced storms that are supposed to occur every 500 years, returning to visit us within 10 years or less.

One of the signs of the entry into this period, is the movement in land masses in the Pacific Ocean area, simultaneously with similar activity in the Mediterranean Sea and Mt. Etna in Sicily. This will mark the beginning of the earth changes on a grand scale.

California and the Baja Peninsula will disappear during a series of intense earthquakes. San Francisco, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara will be only a few of notable cities that will not exist afterwards. The Pacific Ocean will cover the western part of the US up to Arizona and Nebraska. Both will have ocean harbors towns.

Note: Archaeologists have just discovered the lost part of the ancient city of Alexandria, Egypt which has been submerged in the Mediterranean Sea since an earthquake sent it there almost two thousand years ago. There is great excitement because they hope to find the tomb of Cleopatra in the remains of this once great historical city.

The southern parts and coastal regions of the Carolinas and Georgia will be submerged under the ocean. Note: The coastal areas of these states as well as most of Florida, Alabama & Louisiana are only a few feet above sea level. It won't take much for this to happen.

The Great Lakes will drain into the Gulf of Mexico through the Mississippi River. The Niagara River may well run dry and if it does, then there goes the Honeymoon Capitol of Niagara Falls.

The greater part of Japan will go into the sea.

Northern Europe will also change especially those parts near the Arctic circle.

Toward the end of the period for  these upheavals to take place, the earth will shift its poles causing the Polar caps of the Arctic and Antarctica to begin melting. When this occurs there will be major rising of the ocean levels that some estimate to be several hundred feet. A large part of coastal land masses world wide will be flooded and there will be an exodus of people to higher ground. The melting won't occur overnight, however, your beachside condo will become worthless overnight. Some of those areas that enjoy the bliss of tropical weather will find themselves living in the new Arctic polar regions, and those living in colder regions will need to buy beach chairs and sun tan oil.  

Edgar Cayce also predicts that there will be new lands rising from the depths of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. In the Caribbean and off the coast of Bimini in the Bahamas Islands.

There are also some safe places in the US. They are; Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, the central and eastern states to name a few. The Virginia Beach area as well as, southern and eastern Canada will be safe havens also.


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