Prophecy & Prediction

ST. MALACHY the last popes and the end times.

St. Malachy, (d. 1148) Irish Bishop and Seer, produced an accurate list of future popes which began with Pope Celestine II in the year 1143. His list consists of a single line which gives a clue to the characteristics of each pope. From this list of 112 popes there are to be just 2 more after Pope John Paul II who passed away on 2 April 2005.  His predictions regarding the popes have been for the most part pretty accurate regarding the identifying characteristics that each line reveals. St. Malachy doesn't give any predictions or information about what happens after the last  pope. According to some other seers, we will have arrived at the end times.

Here are the previous five popes from Malachy's list.

106.     Pius XII         1939 - 1958         Eugenio Pacelli
            Pastor Angelicus    (An angelic shepherd)

107.   John XXIII    1958 - 1963        Angelo Gueseppe Roncalli
            Pastor Et Natua      (Pastor and mariner)

108.    Paul VI             1963 - 1978         Giovanni Battista Montini
           Flos Florum         (Flower of flowers)

109.    John Paul I         1978 - 1978
            De Medietate Lunae      (Of the half moon)

            Note: This pope who was unpopular with the curia, lasted only 34 days (which is about one moon cycle) and died suddenly of unknown causes. His body was cremated within one day without an autopsy. This was and still is controversial, since popes are usually buried within the walls of the Vatican and are never cremated. The suddenness of this action has led to much speculation about a political conspiracy. 
            There are 3 quatrains found in Nostradamus Prophecies that fit the circumstances surrounding the death of this pope

110.    John Paul II      1978 - Died April 2, 2005  Karol Josef Wojtlya
            De Labore Solis  (From the toil of the sun)  

This pope has been identified with unceasing hard work, having visited practically every country in the world. He has traveled in access of 3/4 million miles in promoting the faith. He was the first non-Italian pope in 450 years. John Paul II is responsible with bringing an end to the communist regime in Poland. This initiated a domino effect within other eastern European communist controlled nations which quickly followed shortly after. No longer able to sustain itself, the Soviet Union fell away from the negative and inefficient economic structure of Communism and we have what is now Russia, the Ukraine and other nations that are independent and mostly free.

The Current Pope

111.    Benedict XVI - The New Pope    Joseph Ratzinger was elected the 265th pope on April 19, 2005 a few days after his 78th birthday.
           (The glory of the olive)   
     The olive branch represents peace. Will he play a role in bringing the religions together and furthering tolerance during his office? Within 24 hours of his election, Islamic and Jewish religious leaders suggested just such a role for him. Hopefully, he can lead the religious world to recognize and focus upon the commonality of their belief in the same God rather than their differences
     Perhaps through the implementation of tolerance we can look to a future where people stop justifying the killing of one another in the name of God. Let us see what the future will bring.

In the future

112.    The LAST  POPE! 
(Peter the Roman)  "In extreme persecution, the seat of the Holy   Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep through many tribulations, at the term of which the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the formidable Judge will judge the people. The End."