Prophecy & Prediction


Marian apparitions and the messages of coming earth changes and chastisement.

According to the theme of most of these messages,  earth changing and catastrophic events will soon take place that will cause all of earth's inhabitants to give up their ego-centric and selfish ways to become more spiritual and loving toward one another.
The profile of apparitions follow much the same pattern;

1.     An apparition in the form of a lady or angel appears to one or more people.
2.     Messages are given to these visionaries who in turn make them public. In some cases, secrets are given to the visionaries by the apparition regarding dates for miracles that will occur shortly before the prophesized world changing and punishing events take place.
3.     At the apparition site, many spiritual transformations take place, as well as physical healing miracles.   

Marian apparitions and prophecies of the 20th century.

Fatima, Portugal– May 13, 1917. A lady appears to a 10 year old girl named Lucy, her cousin and a friend. There were 6 appearances, the last one on Oct. 13, 1917   when about 75,000 people were present including a large number from the media. There was a miracle regarding the sun and the weather that everyone witnessed. The lady told Lucy that the two other children would die very soon, but that Lucy would have to remain for a long time. Shortly after the two dies from influenza and Lucy is still alive living in a convent in Spain. The lady in the apparition  gave Lucy a prophecy regarding Russia saying that it would lead the world astray for a long time and that eventually it would be spiritually transformed. She also gave another prophecy in which she said there would be a great sign in the sky for all to see just before a world calamity would occur. There was a very unusual appearance of the aurora borealis seen by most of Europe and the US on Jan 25, 1938 just before the outbreak of WW II. She also gave Lucy a secret prophetic message regarding the fate of the world for the Pope to make public in 1960. The Pope never revealed this secret message, and this has led to a lot of speculation as to its content. (Lucy died 2005, age 98)

La Salette, France September 19, 1846 The apparition of a lady appeared to two children watching sheep on a mountain, a boy named Maximin Giraud and a girl Melanie Mathieu. The lady told them that prior to the end practically everyone would be dishonest, selfish, materialistic, deceitful, and interested only in self-amusement. They would be unloving, even of their own families. She stated that nature demands accountability for such actions and then gave them the prophecy that coming weather changes would affect the production of crops, causing widespread hunger. The atmosphere would become clouded so that the stars and moon would appear to look different. The interior of the earth would begin to convulse causing great earth changes. Mountains and cities will disappear into the interior of the earth and there will be earthquakes of such immensity that entire countries will vanish. Many lives would be lost  and those that remained would be sorry that they survived. Her message was that people needed change their ways and undergo a spiritual transformation to avoid this dark future.

Garabandal, Spain  June 18, 1961 An apparition in the form of an angel said to be St. Michael appeared to 4 girls ages 11 & 12. It was the first of what was to be several hundred appearances. The prophetic message has the same theme, mankind needs to change its attitude and make peace with one another and the world, or else there would be world-wide catastrophe. The girls were instructed that two great events would occur in the world to warn everyone. The first would be a celestial warning that will be witnessed world-wide. The second, a great miracle, would occur locally in Garabandal where the girls lived. Of this miracle, it will be possible to photograph and televise it, but no one will be able to touch it. It is to be more profound than the miracle at Fatima. Conchita   knows the date of the second miracle and will announce it 8 days prior to the actual event.

Zeitun, Egypt, April 2, 1968 At the Coptic Orthodox church in this suburb of Cairo began a series of apparitions that were seen by an estimated 4 million people. Over a period of two years, people of all faiths gathered in crowds to witness the appearance of the figure of a luminescent woman over and about the top of the church of St. Mary. These appearances occured several times weekly and at times, luminescent doves flew around the  church also. No message was involved, only the apparitions. Many healings were reported to have occured as a result.

Akita, Japan  June, 1973 On this date a bleeding wound appeared in the left palm of a nun living in a convent, Sister Sasagawa. Shortly after, a wooden statue that was in the chapel where she prayed, developed a bleeding wound and then began more than 101 events of tears. These episodes of the statue crying took place over a period of  8 years. Sr. Sasagawa revealed the prophecy she received from the lady that the statue represented. All people must turn away from selfish and ego-centric behavior and find spiritual transformation.  Otherwise, unprecedented earth changing events would visit earth in the form of  'fire plunging from the sky and destroying much of humanity'.


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