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Prophecy and prediction 
 earth changes and the millennium

      Prophecy has always been around since recorded time. Some of the oldest is from Egypt. Every time there were strains on the status quo regarding their society, certain people gave forecasts of dire things as an outcome of the changing conditions. This process has continued throughout history up to the present, where the tradition of revealing the seen future continues.

It was the same then as it is today, people feel a change in society and they  make a prophecy regarding the outcome. Some of these can be attributed to projections of the intellect and the analytical capability of the individual. They can take current events, review the recent past, mix in a knowledge of history, and then come to some fairly accurate conclusions about one thing or another. Lots of people saw WW II years before it happened. There have been prophecies and predictions about every type of event, some of which, happened, and some which didn't. This type of prophecy is engaged in by everyone, it being an extension of a person's intellect and logical processes.

Just the slightest change in any of the conditions upon which a prediction was based, can affect the outcome. It then has to be recalculated again and a new conclusion or outcome has to be offered in place of the previous one. They may have been completely on the mark at the outset, but when the underlying cause for it changes, so does the outcome.

There are a number of prophecies and predictions that have stood the test of time. They dealt with things that hadn't even been invented when their prophet authors pronounced them. Neither the intellect nor the analytical mind could have influenced them, because these events came to pass many years, even centuries later. Things like submarines, aircraft, ballistic missiles, nuclear war were seen centuries before they were invented.
Even North America was referred to (not by name) long before Christopher Columbus was born.


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