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Psychic ability - your hidden talent.   

Psychic ability is demonstrated whenever a person picks up information and knowledge that he or she wouldn't or shouldn't normally know.   The  information comes from a source outside of the person's intellect, and is distinct from learned knowledge and experience. The insights and knowledge derived, comes directly from the universal mind and from other people themselves. It works like mental telepathy where one person can read another's thoughts. Everyone has had that experience more than once in there life, and if they can't recall ever having done so, its because they were not paying attention and didn't recognize it. Just like hearing, feeling, seeing, smelling and tasting, everyone has it. It is our sixth sense. 

  Some signs of psychic ability.

1. The telephone rings and you know who it is.

2. You know what someone is about to say to you before they say the words.

3. You get a hunch or knowing about something and it turns out to be correct.

4. You get a sudden urge to go somewhere or do something, and when you do that thing, and it turns out to be the right thing that you should have done. And you are pleased.

5. You get a sudden urge to go somewhere or do something, and you ignore it or don't do it, and it turns out that you should have. And you regret it.

6. You can understand someone's true inner feelings even though on the outside they are hiding them.

7. You have a feeling that there is a presence or that someone or something behind the scene is helping you.

8. When something happens in your life, either good or not so good, and you suddenly understand a higher purpose behind it.

9. You sometimes hear a soft inner voice tipping you off about things happening in your life or in the life of someone else.

The difference between a psychic, an intuitive, and a medium.
The psychic is one who tunes to a higher source to get information that comes from out side of the intellect. This information comes from the universal mind through ESP (extra sensory perception - see ESP related pages). The intuitive knows things based upon an intellectual capacity that utilizes logic, personal experience and learned knowledge to arrive at certain conclusions about the facts. The medium has the highly developed senses of both , plus the added mental tuning to another realm of knowledge. The medium has is able to connect with the world of deceased souls that are said to be dead, but rather who are in a different reality than those who exist in the physical world.


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