Psychic Power - Connecting with Universal Energy.

This hidden power is is available to those who recognize and accept that there is a higher realm of knowing and communication beyond their own physical bodies. The universe is full of this unlimited energy that can be tapped by almost anyone who will make the effort to focus and tune themselves to its subtle vibrations. These vibrations are not just for the so called 'gifted' persons, but for everyone who makes the effort to learn its secrets. Most all psychic people are that because they recognized the signs of this energy and focused their attention on its workings which is the very thing that is required in  order to develop it. If they hadn't focused their attention on it, then they wouldn't be what they are. 

To begin tuning into this force you need to learn about focusing. Focusing on even the smallest  instance of psychic phenomena that happens to your self and to people around you. Play the event around in your mind continually, to get familiar with the sense of the action and presence of the energy involved. This will give you a perception of how involved and integrated is the underlying hidden power that caused the event to take place. 

Everything is connected
One of the most important things that anyone needs to understand is that every living thing has consciousness has a connection to everything else in the universe. People, animals and plants are all connected to the hidden energy of universal consciousness that permeates the entire universe and 'wires' all of us together.

Understanding and accepting this concept is the most important requirement to developing one's own latent ability. The next important requirement, is that the person must have both a desire and willingness to develop and tune themselves so they can also connect with the universal spirit

After that, it becomes a matter of adopting a certain kind of mind set that is necessary to cultivate a power thinking process. Next, you will need to practice diligently a number of exercise techniques to get feed back while developing  these abilities. Feed back helps you to learn and understand the signals and symbols that are received and experienced as a normal part of the learning to experience process.

To advance, you need to find a development circle or starting a "circle" of your own. A circle means weekly meetings where like minded people can practice in a positive environment. Another thing you can do is to visit the pages on Esp and Telepathy which is part of this website. There you'll find tests and practices which will help you to begin developing your latent psychic abilities. They are not games, but rather exercises for someone who is serious about psychic mind development. This development is a primer for those who feel they'd like to continue into mediumship.

In addition to these practices, the student should learn to meditate. Although, this is not a rigid requirement, it makes a lot of difference in how fast you progress. You can develop a lot more quickly when you practice meditation.

Get a reading
It is also advantageous  for your development to get a reading or consultation from a local reader or medium to learn what its all about. (not one of those hotlines advertised on TV or in magazines). Its best to be directly in the vibration of a the person giving the reading, so you can get the feel of the energy involved. 


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