Qigong Practitioners, Schools, Conferences.


National Qigong Assoc. The national umbrella organization for students, teachers and healers of Qigong. Promotes conferences and workshops. 888 218 7788

American Qigong Assoc. Promotes conferences and workshops related to Qigong. 415 788 2242 

Dragon Door Resources from qigong & internal martial arts, books, videos, audios 651-645-0517 651-644-5676 

Land of Medicine Buddha Offers Qigong work shops and seminars with Master Bingkun Hu, PhD. Diet, meditation, qigong and Buddhist psychology. See calendar. 831 462 8383 

Qigong in China Provides educational opportunities and conferences in China to study Chinese Medicine. 510 527 7154    510 527 8373 

Chinese Healing Arts Center Offers Qigong therapist training and healer intensives, taught by Master T.K. Shih. Catalog & newsletter. 914 565 1430 

Qigong Dharma Society QDS offers adventures to Tibet and China to study esoteric qigong, yoga, Chinese medicine, Daoism, Shamanism and Buddhism. Catalog and calendar. 718 268 3153 qigong@earthlink.net

International Qigong & Medical Research Institute Work study in china. Qigong classes. Workshops. See calendar 661 823-9341

A Taste of China 1999 Qigong retreat. Personal Qigong with master Liang Shou-yu. Fundamental training methods. Personal practice. 540 667-7595 (540) 667-7595 atocrice@mnsinc.com

Eastern Healing Arts Offers Qigong healer training & certification. Home study with videos followed by work shop in China. 800 859 4343

Beijing Univ. of Chinese Medicine and Massage Hosp Qigong programs. Certified Qi Healer. Correspondence courses. 800-859-4343