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How to become a medium
How to have a sťance

How to become a medium

A medium has a different focus than that of a psychic. While the psychic focuses on the events and relationships of person for which a reading is being given, the medium focuses not only on the person, but on the spirit energies surrounding that person also. The medium needs to be a psychic and a medium at the same time. An analogy would be that the psychic would be on channel 4 and the medium on channel 6. The action is the same, itís just a different program that they are tuning into.

The student should practice psychic development at the same time as learning to become a medium and can follow the instructions given on the pages for Psychic power. Particular attention should be given to learning and practicing meditation on a regular basis. This is the key to getting into the frame of mind where the other senses are temporarily put to rest allowing the sixth sense to be in a heightened state of awareness. It is from this heightened state that information, symbols and knowledge comes through from the other side of the veil. The "veil" is a common term used to describe the thin barrier that exists between the spirit world and ours. Tuning or focusing into the right channel becomes easier with oneís ability to meditate and the rest is practice.

Another critical factor is your desire to communicate with the realm of spirit for a serious and purposeful reason. If you want to speak to spirit because you have nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon or you just want to entertain your friends, forget it! You are guaranteed to get zero. However, if you are sincere and dedicated toward developing a connection and are patient to work it through, even though progress seems to be scant at times, then you will succeed.

Expand your awareness
The next thing you need to do is to develop your awareness about the spirit world and how it has already been in contact with you through your dreams, or while you were awake. You can learn a lot from near death returnees and from those reported cases where the deceased come to comfort the dying. Finding your spirit guides enables you to understand the sense of someone behind the scenes helping. And there is the sťance, the place of learning and practice where you gain valuable experience. Follow these links and make yourself better prepared to develop your connection.

Focus on spirits
It is from the knowledge of how those that exist in the spiritual realm interact with you that will in itself give you a large boost in developing toward mediumship. Follow the format outlined in the section on Psychic Ability listed below. Once you have practiced and are proficient with that you can begin to focus on the spirit energy around people. Mediumship is developing your psychic sixth sense and then putting the focus on deceased spirits and getting lots of practice.


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