Tai Chi Practitioners, Schools, Workshops.


Dr. Zee's Studio of Chinese Healing Arts Wu style Tai Chi seminar with master ma's student Dr. Wen Zee. (520) 881-7990 

Tai Chi Magazine Magazine focused on Tai Chi and product sales. 323 665-7773 (323) 665-1627 

QuieScience Offers workshops, seminars and videos on Yang Family Style Tai Chi Chuan. 414 777 3900 

The Empire Tai Chi Group Inc. Learning to teach golden Tai Chi to seniors. Workshops. See calendar 914 965-3449 goldentaichi@hotmail.com

Traditional Taiji Videos Offers a number of Tai Chi videos. (703) 698-8182 uswushu@msn.com

Tai Chi magazine video sales Tai Chi video sales. 800-888-9119 

Golden Dragon Tao Health Assoc. Promotes retreats in Tai Chi, Wuji, Qigong and Tao Meditation in places like tropical rain forests. See calendar. 619 542 1903  

Traditional Chinese Swords Handcrafted with 5160 carbon spring steel 401-827-7735 peoone@earthline.net

North American Wu(Hao) Taiji Federation Wu (Hao) Taijiquan Training series with Master Jimmy K.Wong. (972) 680-7888 (927) 680-7889 

A Taste of China Traditional Yang Family Taijiquan. Instructional video tapes. 540 667-7595

Life-Align T'ai Chi Classes T'ai Chi Classes. See calendar 407 699-5444

Learn Tai Chi Learn Tai chi with Don Ethan Miller 877-838-7474

Wayfarer Publications Metaphysical Catalog, Chinese disciplines, T'sa Chi Ch'uan 323-665-7773   323-665-1627