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UFO Mystery and the Blinking Universe

David Bohm (d.1992) was a pioneer and leader in quantum physics as it applied to thought processes and how these thoughts become  physical reality. In his investigations he came upon  Seth, the intelligence brought forth by Jane Roberts. This intelligence gave Bohm further insight into not only the work he was pursuing, but in addition, new and exciting possibilities in the working of the universe and reality. One of these insights was the notion that the universe blinks on and blinks off. We are only aware of our universe when it is on, just as we are only aware of a movie when the picture is present on the screen. We  don't see, and thus are unaware of,  the moments when the screen goes dark between frames. Furthermore, when our universe is in its blink off interval, other universes and their realities blink on. We don't know they exist because we don't see them. The following example will illustrate this point in offering a possible scenario why sightings of UFOs seem so illusive, and unpredictable as to shape or tangible ness,  appearing momentarily, then disappearing suddenly. It all seems so mysterious, but perhaps, maybe it isn't.
In the above  illustration, the light blue and white bars are the time intervals when our universe blinks on. When this occurs we are cognizant of our own reality and existence. At precisely the moment when our universe blinks off  another universe blinks on (dark blue bars) and it becomes aware of its existence. It isn't aware of us because it is off when ours is on. At precisely the moment that it blinks off, ours blinks on again, and on and on it goes.
The picture above is what we see, a continuously operating universe without the blinking off intervals. Just like the movies, we feel that what we see is what our reality really is. Likewise with the other universe, they perceive a continuously operating universe with out interruption.
However, this all changes when one of the universes discovers the principles of adjusting the timing of their on/off interval. They can  then shift their timing interval to enter the reality of another universe.
When the the universe with technology to alter their own on/off interval decides to shift their timing so that they are still on when our own universe blinks on, then we have an incoherent UFO intrusion into our reality. What we see doesn't make sense because we don't see the UFO in its entirety. It takes on the characteristics of a phantom, something unintelligible to our senses of perception.
Finally, when the same universe makes a complete shift in its on/off interval to be full on when ours is on, we see something that is tangible and describable. Its an object we can describe because it has dimension within our own universe. If it remains on during our timing interval, it remains identifiable, even if the UFO looks peculiar or strange. If it again shifts its timing interval back to its own, we can't see it. While the UFO is fully visible to us, it is invisible to its home universe, disappearing  through a time warp into a universe and reality alien to its own.


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