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 Cuttlefish Theory
 Blink on, Blink Off Theory
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UFO Mystery and the Cuttlefish Theory

The UFO theory shown here offers a possible explanation of the mystery, why some sightings of UFOs may appear  illusory and indefinable. The UFO & Cuttlefish theory may offer a reason why some UFO sightings are unintelligible and seem to change shape as they move across the observer's line of view.
The UFO (unidentified fish object) of the sea is the cuttlefish who is  the master of disguise. A bottom dweller, it can change its color in a split second to match the terrain it swims over . It can even compose its   color arrangement for several different color patterns at the same time. Research is ongoing to uncover the secrets of the cuttlefishes' amazing camouflage ability.
The F-117a stealth fighter shown above. It qualifies as a UFO as it flies the night skies. Its black color serves two purposes, to make it difficult to see at night and to absorb radar radiation waves. During the daytime it stands out dramatically against the blue and white of the sky and presents an easily identifiable object. This is the state of the art in camouflage as far as our technology permits.
This is the same F-117a with cuttlefish technology. As it traverses a mottled sky, its colors instantly change to reflect the sky terrain. When the sky is all blue or all white it changes its hue to replicate those colors. Like the UFO of the sea, the cuttlefish, one can imagine the difficulty in recognizing the fighter as it crosses the sky at a high velocity all the while changing its color. If the US  government put the resources into it, this could be a reality in a few years. If we can look at this as a possible and reasonable forecast of future technology, then, any other advanced civilization would already be using it.
Any civilization that has the technology to design and operate interstellar spacecraft, would have cuttlefish technology  as standard equipment. This may well be one of the reasons why many UFO sightings cannot be described nor made sense of.. The observer doesn't have a complete picture of what he is looking at. If he did, it might not be listed as a UFO.


Have your own theory? Submit it here.
If its plausible we'll create a page with your name credit