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Sightings of flying objects have been recorded since the ancient pharaohs, continued with the Greeks and Romans and are still being sighted every day. Unfortunately, no one has ever lassoed one so that we can all see one of these elusive 'things'. 

There are some scientists studying concepts that are an offshoot from UFO phenomena. One being the study of electromagnetism as it applies to anti-gravity. Since so many encounters interfere with electricity,  this should be a clue regarding where to invest in research. 

A number of sightings have been reported to be 'spinning' or 'rotating'. There must be a scientific reason for this also. The gyroscope that we are all familiar with, spins in order to function. This spinning action also allows it to defy gravity to a certain extent. Where is the connection?
Science needs to investigate these things rather than to scoff or deride them. They may be offering clues to the future of space travel, and perhaps, to some big bucks $$. 

We've offered a couple of theories of why some sightings are so indefinable and remain unsolved. The pictures help to get across the theory that they represent. You can pass along your own theory by using the link on the right. Maybe we can help science by providing some fresh new ideas.


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Have your own theory? Submit it here.
If its plausible we'll create a page with your name credit