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Alien & UFO Theories Post - Page 1

Aliens use reverse time travel to get here.
Submitted by: Craig, 9/9/00. 
   Well I think that UFOs and aliens are actually us (another human race) thousands of years in the future. We will have evolved into what people have described "little green men". Why would we visit the earth of the past? Perhaps humans from the future are trying to tell us something.
Very good point. Comments anyone? 
Editor note: Twenty five years ago there was an article in a journal of physical science where a physicist (name forgotten) had demonstrated the theoretical possibility of time in reverse. That is, according to his calculations, if one could travel faster then the speed of light, they could actually go back in time. Of course his theory was met with derision by the scientific community because "every one knows that according to the theory of relativity, nothing can travel faster than the speed of light". 
     Just this past July, 2000, scientists at NEC in Princeton, NJ revealed that they had passed a laser beam through a chamber faster than the speed of light. They claim that the pulse left the chamber before it had completely entered it. This puts to rest the claim by the theory of relativity that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. Sorry Einstein, you were wrong! This may be the beginning of what will be the foundation for the science that will make space and reverse time travel possible for we humans of planet Earth in perhaps one or two hundred years. Or maybe less.
What all this means of course is this: If any other culture of humans evolved ahead of we humans of planet earth by, say, 200 years, they would already have developed the science of space travel through reverse time travel. That is how they will cover the almost mind boggling distances in short periods of time. If we can make this prediction of the future for ourselves, then certainly, other cultures already have done so. That is how these space visitors are getting here. Marbus   

Why aliens elude us.
Submitted by Alfred, 9/12/2000.
   The aliens are eluding us because we are not at the level of development needed to make contact. Furthermore, we still fight amongst ourselves, (lines on bits of paper). The aliens have evolved to a state where money, poverty, disease are all gone.
Editor's note: Would any of you, for that matter like to talk sense to a bunch of wild baboons battling one another over who is the dominant one over the local banana tree? Or perhaps squabbling over a local termite mound? That is probably close to what any evolved culture sees how the human race behaves. It would be a lost cause to engage us at this time in our history. We need further evolutionary development. Marbus


The Human Race was bio-engineered by an alien race.
Several million years ago, before humans came on the scene, there were primates (monkeys, gorillas, chimps etc). A highly evolved species visited our planet and noticed striking similarities between themselves and the creatures roaming Earth (all alien sightings say that the aliens have 2 legs, 2 arms, 5 digits per limb, torso, head, 2 eyes, etc). Curious about their own evolution, they decided to artificially inseminate some of these creatures with their own sperm to find out how they might have developed (they may still do this today to insure quick evolution: many abduction survivors say they were made to have sexual intercourse with something). The result of this was a quantum leap from primate (presumably chimpanzee: 98% of our DNA is identical to theirs) to homo erectus, then to homo sapiens (modern human).
    During the early days of man-kind, the aliens guided us (almost every religion has a "god" that actively helped man-kind: because of their vast technology, they would certainly be regarded as gods). The great flood of which only Noah and his family remained (every religion in the region mentions this) could be the aliens attempt to cull off all inferior genotypes to get the best results, like a gardener only plants seeds from strong plants.
    The reason the aliens elude us is, as any scientist will tell you, to create a fair experiment, you must prevent any interference. So, while they still observe our process, they try to keep it low impact. Written by mylon1139 June, 2001. Editor's note: Why not create a race of people for body parts? Aren't we doing the same thing in our laboratories today? While the un-evolved and semi-barbaric human race is still killing one another for the stupidest of reasons, our scientists are looking for ways to clone us. Perhaps the politicians can use clones to fight future wars. There is a more highly evolved race out there somewhere and more likely than not, have already perfected cloning and bio-engineering. 


The Human race is still Unprepared for Contact

I believe that aliens have been here for centuries, constantly surveying us in our own skies. Maybe we had been ready for contact at one time (age of pyramids, Stonehenge, etc.), but for some reason, became unstable. With the introduction of "science and technology" we became ignorant to the rest of the universe, thinking that we are the only race in the universe. And maybe we are alone in this universe, but highly unlikely. They tried to make contact again, in recent years, but found us still unprepared. (to put it in Agent Kay's words) "Humans are panicky animals." Many people won't accept the proof thrown in their faces. Adkins, July 2001. This simple truth is understood by all us simple folk, yet many of our most distinguished and highly educated intellectuals, unable to escape their egotistical conceit, feel that we are all that lives in the universe. 


The Distance Myth:  Visitors are Aliens - Not Human

I am always amused by academics and so called experts that the sheer distance make it impossible for any life form to make it to earth. Distance is only a factor if you need to return to your point of origin, this constant humanization of aliens is a perfect example of human arrogance/racism/specism/primitive proventialism. The visitors are alien not human, they could be insect like or some type or organism that has not been encountered on our planet. They possibly wander outward though out the galaxy, generation after generation born or laid  in transit passing their knowledge and discoveries at a genetic level Consider the fact that we now can clone animals and create hybrids in the plant and animal world, how long before we will be able to genetically engineer astronauts that can survive and prosper in zero gravity and with no desire to return home. Imagine being able to transfer knowledge and experience at a genetic level through DNA, isn't this what we are all looking for ...... immortality.  C. Giampietro   8/01


The Government Already Knows About Other Life Forms

I may sound biased--being that I plan on working for the gov't after college--but I will say it anyway. I do believe that the government knows about the "other life forms", but I don't believe that they are using their knowledge against us. My theory is as follows:  My theory is that the government knows about the "other life forms" and is keeping the fact secret because they--in the past--had interacted with the "other life forms" to gain knowledge on their technologies. It is also my theory that through this interaction one turned on the other causing a secret "war" amongst the "other life forms" and our government. The fact that they still keep it secret is that if we found out it would cause us to turn against them--at least that is what they believe. I base this theory on the fact that many sightings have been made concerning U.S. military planes shooting at "unidentified flying objects" on U.S. soil ( I would think that if U.S. military planes shot down an enemy's plane on U.S. soil it would make at least the nightly news--yet being possibly "ufo's" they felt intimidated). The fact that they still use the knowledge they gained is so to use it against the "other life forms". My second theory--which is not meant to discredit the first--is that the "other life forms"--in meaning to destroy us--made their way into the private circle of each government world-wide
handing over their war and defense knowledge as to cause us to destroy the earth by means of a "great war" amongst each other. They all ( Governments world-wide) keep it secret feeling that they are the only ones in the world with the knowledge. The "other life forms" encourage this secrecy to keep each gov't from finding out and turning against them---this is where the "in
this interaction one turned against the other one causing a secret "war" amongst the "other life forms" and our government" sentence comes in. I have no real hard evidence for this and I am certainly not a person who dwells deeply in the gov't theory stuff--this is only a theory and not necessarily my viewpoint.  B. Bijeaux.  9/01


Did Aliens Kill Off the Dinosaurs?

In the time when dinosaurs roamed the earth, an unknown disaster occurred, killing most creatures except for a few species such as alligators, anacondas, and who knows maybe even a few dinosaurs.  Still to this day, even with all our fancy technology and gadgets we do not positively know for sure what caused it.  What if this unknown disaster was do to aliens making a safer environment for us mammals?  Not just humans but all mammals.  Who knows, maybe their technology is so great that they have the ability to kill off a whole planet and that is why we can not tell for sure how this disaster happened.  Some say it was an earthquake, others say a comet hit the planet...but don't you think if something natural like that happened then our genologists and meteorologists and everyone in the "GIST" family would be able to agree on one conclusion?   And this is where our tax dollars are going.   Unless the government DOES know what exactly happened and they are not telling us.  Hmmm....well I'm not about to get into all that political garbage,  but I will say I don't have all the answers I never said I did.  I know that if we all put our heads though, we could figure out what the governments been hiding from us.  We only need to ask  the right questions. Just like searching the internet.  Now why would aliens do something so drastic?  Whose to say.  We could all be science experiments, or their entertainment, like an ant farm, maybe their planet or planets are becoming destroyed or already destroyed and they needed us to cultivate earth so when they take over we will almost be to their point of technology. They want us to do the dirty work, then take over. People say that aliens or "gods" visited Egyptians and showed them how to make pyramids and electricity,  maybe to prepare them for their high tech future?   Maybe they are our evolved future, gone back in time to study us. Like we would study cavemen if we went back in time now.  Have you ever wondered why all theses different countries spend so much cash on nuclear weapons?  To protect us from other countries, or to protect us from the skies? "There's more than what meets the eye."  Just ask the right questions. 
Charlee Phillips  9/01

Eternal Life and Purpose

Man has always sought to obtain eternal life and increased control over his surroundings.  Only the highly ambitious human will ever conceive of the notion that this planet will one day be destroyed by the natural cycle of our star's evolution.  If man, or any other life form for that matter, wishes to obtain eternal existence within the physical realm of the universe, we must find a way to construct an artificial planet or spaceship that has self-sustaining and transport capabilities in order to move to a new, inhabitable solar system, lest we wish to live amongst artificial machines of an artificial world created by our own hands in the bleakness of dark, empty space, but man is artificial by nature, isn't he?  Energy collection will be of primary importance, while natural resources will be of secondary importance, due to the fact that the order inherent in life requires a constant influx of energy to maintain that order and prevent decay into chaos.  Heat in the artificial living quarters will be diffused, chemical bonds within the food will be broken as they are digested, fuels will be degraded to more stable elements/compounds, etc.  In order to produce more heat, more food, more fuel, we must find a means to re-concentrate the energy that is diffused throughout the universe or establish a system in which this diffusion does not occur, which seems highly unlikely due to the laws of entropy and equilibrium.  Perhaps, aliens knew all of this and gave us enough knowledge, perhaps just a seed, to send us on a mission to keep life alive in the face of chaotic adversity.  It may simply be a test of our ability to live amongst a universal society of the cosmos where the emerging achievers only arrive at their success through peaceful and collaborative efforts.  The aliens may know for a fact that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.  They may have shown us in the design of our very bodies, compiled of trillions of "individual" cells working in a collaborative effort to sustain what we perceive to be ourselves.  Hell, perhaps communism pervades the entire universe!  This assumes a highly scientific viewpoint on life, one devoid of the spirit.  Perhaps the aliens are showing us that death itself, and the subsequent release of the spirit, or life energy, is the means to universal freedom.  Perhaps the aliens knew that the only way to educate the spirit, however, was to let it experience the physical, since the wise spirit is one of intelligence, which almost certainly evolved from highly complex arrangements of atoms, molecules, and energy transfer systems.  This life on earth might just be a history lesson of the evolution of intelligence from chaotic soup.  We may in fact all be created from a universal life energy, (aliens, humans, animals, insects, etc.) whereby the entire universe goes through the process of self-awareness when a portion of its matter becomes aware.  In this case, we are simply a part of the universe itself, communicating with ourselves and our lives have become a mission to become aware of ourselves.  The other option is that we are nothing more than organic robots created to do the work of the gods. BRH.
Editor's note: True spirituality will come through the workings of science. The past need to accept by faith what others tell us through fabled myths and the icons of traditions, will be supplanted by knowledge of the true nature of nature itself - and that means a better understanding of that which created all that is our universe- seen and unseen. With knowledge there is no need for faith for we will know the truth of the origins in its purest form. Religionists will have no place in the future world which will have a knowledge of spirituality and the life force itself uncluttered by the speculations of modern men whose minds are trapped in the creative writings of ancient cosmologists. Science will one day arrive at a place where the physical world will be married to the unseen real spiritual world. Perhaps, by that time, we will have discovered who or what God is that created All That Is.


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